Writing Services


Website Audit

We thoroughly explore your content (video, images, and copy) to assess whether your brand’s story is effectively communicating cultural inclusion.

Editorial Assignments 

We’re able to turn around assignments quickly and have never missed a deadline. We’re flush with clickable ideas, and in addition to traditional journalism experience, we’re equally comfortable developing and creating branded content. We’re available to take on topics ranging from travel to career, politics, real estate, business, and health and wellness stories.

  1. Pitching trendy, relevant news and feature stories.
  2. Creating polished editorial content.
  3. Turning around investigative, well-researched and reported pieces that engage readers.

Editing and Ghostwriting

With more than a decade of writing and editing experience between us —including the digital landscape and several newsrooms, we can expertly curate and shape quality, high-performing content. We bring a myriad of talented writers to the table. Writing, editing and assigning content for your existing or new website, blog, or non-fiction content.

  1. Copywriting your website, newsletters, apps, press releases and any other needs.

Content Strategist

We’ve successfully developed and executed content strategies throughout several industries—from news to parenting sites — attracting customers, selling brands and making a lasting impression. Regardless if you already have a blog or aspire to begin one for your company, we can create a tailored strategy that meets—and exceeds!— your goals — editorial and socially.

  1. Developing your editorial strategy from the ground up.
  2. Creating editorial calendars for projects including websites, apps, and print outlets.
  3. Crafting your company’s brand and mission statement with specific, tailored language.
  4. How to use blogs, content and other social media to grow awareness, traffic, and storytelling.

Social Media 

  1. Creating a social media strategy.
  2. The planning of paid sponsored content.
  3. Writing innovative content for social media platforms designed to engage the widest audience possible.